Shelly Fishel 2023
Wednesday 15 Mar - Wednesday 15 Mar

International webinar - End your Outlook overwhelm!

15 March at 18-19.00 CET

Does Outlook control your life? Would you love to take back Control of YOUR Inbox?

In this one-hour webinar for IMA, Shelley Fishel, MS Office Maestro, will show you how to take back control and use many of the lesser-known hacks to get more done in less time.

You will learn: 

  • Filing – an overflowing inbox is very overwhelming, just looking at the  number of emails can send you running for the hills ( well in your head at least). We will learn how to use the Move Button to file email quickly and learn some other cool tricks.
  • Drag and Drop – learn how to drag and drop between sections of Outlook – truly magical.
  • QuickSteps – these are short automated sequences that can do lots of things for you. Imagine that you have a standard email that you send out regularly, a short paragraph which is a pain to always retype. We will see how to set up Quicksteps to take the pain out of this and many other examples of automating some of the things you do. 
  • Search Folder – this is a real game changer if you work with several people or on several projects. Create Search Folders to collate all email that matches a condition. Magic!
  • Reply with Meeting – someone writes asking for a meeting, you don’t need to create a new meeting request from your calendar – see how to do this right from the email you just received.
  • Send a copy of your calendar – this allows you to send your calendar with free busy time so that they can reply to you with a mutually convenient time.
  • Top Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation

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